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Esyntial Elements Consulting Inc. workshops and training seminars are designed for individuals and organizations who want to learn, obtain resources, and develop skills related to hosting events of any scale or scope. Our personalized and interactive presentations enable attendees to get valuable content designed to support their individual and organizational goals at a fraction of the cost to hire a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP). The workshops, seminars or trainings are taught by a professional wedding, meeting, and event planner with 16 years of experience in event planning, design, and project management industries. To view the professional biography and credentials for Ms. Nu Epps, Founder and CEO of Esyntial Elements Consulting Inc. click this link --> 

Presentation Fees
  • 1.5 hour private tele-seminar - $150-$200
  • 2.5 hr Presentation & Handouts ONLY $275 (Pre Designed & Custom Request Presentations)
  • Custom Workshops $300-$500
  • ½ Day Series Up to 3 Topics, Presentation & Handouts ONLY $650.00
  • Full Day Certification Course w/ Licensing Agents $1500.00 & up
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Presentation Catalog
Event Planning Basics You've been given the responsibility of planning an event. Where do you begin? By learning just a few of the basic concepts involved in planning or coordinating a meeting or event, you can learn valuable resources for finding information, checklists, and other aids to assist you in delivering a great event.   

Sponsorships and Fundraising - Nonprofit Event Planning  
This workshop explores the unique set of factors and expectations involved in using special events as a fundraising tool for nonprofits and covers topics including: creating unique events, complementing an organization’s mission and development plan, setting budgets and timelines, generating multiple revenue streams, designing and selling corporate sponsorships, and getting free PR.

Site Selection and Contract Negotiation - Selecting a location is a complicated process involving more than just booking rooms or choosing menus. This presentation will cover how to make that initial contact with a site, what to negotiate, effective site inspection, how to contract with a site, cancellation clauses, and ADA requirements. Included in this presentation is a field trip to a local hotel to conduct a site inspection and mock negotiation. (Subject to space availability)

Destination Management - Large meetings and conventions require many services to successfully achieve their objectives. From transportation and registration of attendees to special event planning and staffing, meeting managers need help. This workshop teaches planners about the duties destination management companies are expected to fulfill. This workshop will cover all aspects of destination management services from sales and account management through program operation so that project managers fully understand the full picture of what is involved with planning a destination convention. 

Event Marketing and Promotion - Effective marketing and promotion to your audience is critical to your event's success. In this workshop, you will learn several marketing tools and techniques, and how to use them to your organization's advantage. You will get practical strategies and hands-on experience in creating an event marketing communication action plan for before, during, and after your program.

Expositions and Festivals - Festivals and expositions are exciting and complex events which can be community celebrations, fundraisers, or valuable profit centers for corporate clients. This workshop will introduce you to the necessary steps to make it a reality! You will learn about the basic components involved in producing an expo or festival; designing the event, determining your market and competition, building floor plans, exploring sponsorship and promotional opportunities, the permitting process, managing the event site, working with contractors, and the many details involved in a successful expo or festival. 

Food and Beverage Planning - Learn how to enhance your programs with successful food and beverage planning. This workshop will explain policies and guarantees. It will also provide formulas for order pricing, tips on menu planning, and how to plan for special menus and theme parties. It offers tips on catering off-site events, how to effectively communicate with catering staff, how to read contracts and confirmations, and on-site coordination guidelines. 

Introduction to Special Events - Careful preparation is the key to orchestrating successful special events such as receptions, grand openings, and theme parties. This workshop will provide you with the basic guidelines and tips you need as you identify the purpose of the event, define the event's format, select a location, and develop event activities. The workshop covers event planning and management concepts, event themes, and creative idea development techniques. 
Audio/Visual Basics - This workshop is a basic but comprehensive overview of the design and application of presentational technology for meetings and events. Content covered in this course will include audio visuals and common terminology, strategies for selecting the proper technology, as well as recommendations for selecting technology-based vendors and/or suppliers. It will provide instruction in the basic set up of AV and other technical advancements for the meetings and events industry. This workshop will include an remarks from a local audio visual services company for a mock consultation as well as the various handouts for reference.

Weddings and Social Events - This is considered an entry level seminar for people considering changing careers or wanting to acquire the knowledge of what it takes to be a successful planner in the wedding and social event arena. You will learn how to identify your own personal market; what skills are needed to succeed; pricing, job responsibilities and types of themes and styles of parties and weddings. You will understand who and why people seek the skills of a professional party planner, and learn how to assess your client's needs, especially religious and cultural values that could affect the protocol of your event. You will learn how to identify the resources necessary for your event, and become familiar with the industry professionals that can provide you with those resources.

Event Design and Production - This workshop is an introductory but comprehensive overview of the conceptual and creative applications of design as they apply to modern experiential meetings and special events. Content covered in this course will include theme selection, color and its application to the overall design process, decor, specialty lighting and special effects. It will provide basic instruction in the application of design technology and the parameters that govern both available space and budget. This is a project-oriented course that focuses on the vital components of event design and production that are the most challenging but most rewarding.

Custom Workshop Development - Esyntial Elements offers customized workshops for managers and other employees with a focus on event and venue management. If you have identified a specific development need common to a group of employees in your organization our consultants will work with you to develop a custom program to help your employees improve their skills, work better together, or create shared goals to improve results for the team.

Needs Analysis: The first step in developing your custom workshop is to carefully analyze the need in your specific organization or group. We examine individual needs, group issues, current changes (e.g. mergers, new leadership) in order to customize the workshop content to the challenges your department or organization is facing today.

Workshop Customization: Once your organizations’ needs are identified and prioritized, our consultants will work closely with you to customize a program that addresses you needs in the context of your organizations’ climate. An esyntial component of our program is that we not only address the right topics, but the methods we use fit your culture and the styles of the people involved. 

Starting Your Own Business in the Meeting and Event Planning Industry - How do they do it? When is the best time to start your own business in the meeting and event industry? Think you have what it takes to succeed? This business development workshop will explore the basics of building an event planning business, from building your reputation and potential client base, to creating a business plan, effective marketing, available resources and the necessary steps to help you succeed. Recommended for this class: prior experience in the industry or newly established organization.

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