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Internal or external, large or small, projects are the way small groups and companies get things done. There is hardly an organization whose productivity, and ultimately its profitability, isn't impacted by its ability to effectively manage projects. Esyntial Elements Consulting Inc. works with clients on a number of levels to achieve superior project performance including:
  • Project Planning and Execution
  • Live Project Interventions
  • Optimizing Project Teams
  • Project Management Training: A 2-Day Onsite Project Management Workshop

Benefits and Examples of Project Management Consulting

Whether your organization is in the business of delivering large scale projects or if effective projective execution is an internal issue, Esyntial Elements' Project Management Consulting Services provide significant benefits.

Leadership On Demand

In the early stages of team development, it is very difficult for strong leadership to emerge. Esyntial Elements Consulting Inc., can provide leadership during this difficult period and accelerate the team's transition to Norming and Performing. As the team jells and roles are defined, the leadership mantle gets passed back to the team and our role diminishes.

On-Time – On Track Project Kickoffs

Esyntal Elements has a proven methodology for setting project teams up for success from the start. Pre-launch efforts provide you with a well defined scope, clear roles, and commonality of purpose. This translates into improved quality, performance, efficiency and mutual profitability for all involved parties.

Exceed Client Expectations

Our vast experience in project management allows us to move projects forward toward the key objectives. 

Rescue a Project

Problems that lead to failure attack projects of all size, in all industries. These problems are rarely due to lack of hard work or effort on the part of the project team. However, they can cause financial and legal catastrophe.

Left unchecked, problems can become systemic, causing a once reputable firm to have astonishingly consistent performance gaps with all projects. Esyntial Elements Consulting Inc., quickly and accurately identifies the root causes of project derailment and work shoulder to shoulder with your team to get things back on track.

Innovation Breakthroughs = Cost Savings

Spending time at the beginning of projects to forge strong alliances between project partners and stakeholders ensures exceptional project performance and cost savings.

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